Kurzus megtekintése

Kurzus megtekintése

ELMARAD Clinical physiology of respiration and respiratory diseases
Dr. Horváth Ildikó
A vérkeringési rendszer normális és kóros működésének mechanizmusai
SE Elméleti Orvostudományi Központ, Hevesy György előadóterem
2023-09-06 17:00:00
Course director: Prof. Benyó Zoltán, Zoltán Lohinai, MD, PhD (lohinaiz@gmail.com)

In addition to the course directors, recognized experts of some particular topics will also be invited as guest lecturers: Dr. András Bikov (ESRS Somnologist, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Manchester University), Dr. Adrienn Halász, Dr. Zsuzsanna Csoma, Dr. Bikov András, Dr. Szabolcs Sótér, Dr. Miklós Zsiray.

The course aims to strengthen the translational clinical knowledge on basic physiological principles related to respiration. We aim to increase the critical thinking and understanding of the latest research results integrated with academic discussion with leading international experts to prepare students' ability to adapt to innovative healthcare challenges.
We also provide an overview of the COVID-19 pandemic from the frontline and aspects of comorbidities. Furthermore, Ph.D. students gain knowledge of translational research's critical steps and planning to increase their understanding of biomarker and drug developments using future research methodologies in this field. During the course, we summarize the essential aspects of cardiorespiratory adaptation through sports activities. The respiratory disease changes provide integrated information about the most critical respiratory disorders' physiological and pathophysiological background in light of cutting-edge research.

Lecture plan
1. COVID-19 and post-COVID symptoms
2. Microbiome and respiratory diseases
3. Cardiopulmonary stress test and exercise tolerance
4. Translational research aspects of COPD
5. Personalized medicine in lung cancer (Discussion with Christopher Rivard Ph.D., University of Colorado, Denver)
6. Asthma practical guidelines
7. Obstructive sleep apnoea and related cardiovascular risk assessment: translational aspects (Dr. András Bikov (ESRS Somnologist, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Manchester University)
8. Translational research, biomarkers, drug development, machine learning
(Discussion with IT experts and clinical trialists from BOSTON, USA)
9. Cystic fibrosis and interactive case presentation
10. Update on smoking and e-cigarettes
11. Pneumonia
12. Chest imaging – Screening and COVID19 aspects
13. Immunotherapy and lung cancer clinical trials
14. Exam

Acknowledgment of the course:
The exam consists of 20 test questions to be answered in 30 minutes.
Source: material of the lectures, supplementing literature will
maximális létszám: 40 fő
2022-08-15 00:00:00
További oktatók
Dr. Benyó Zoltán
Dr. Lohinai Zoltán
Dr. Kissné Dr. Horváth Ildikó